Artificial Grass

Why struggle with the hassles of natural grass, when you can have a lush, green, and maintenance-free lawn all year round? Artificial grass has come a long way over the years. In the past, nylon and polypropylene were the materials of choice. Nowadays, high-grade polyethylene is the standard. This creates a strong product that is both cheaper to manufacture, and far more easy to recycle. So, call today to receive a free quote.

Low-maintenance Option

Artificial grass makes the perfect solution for those with a busy family life or a demanding schedule. You can swap out the stresses of lawn mowing for the occasional sweep. In addition it can make for a great alternative when designing a play area for your children or pets. This will allow for the welcoming sight of a green lawn without the concern of muddy footprints making their way into your home.

Nine-Year Guarantee

We use suppliers who produce artificial grass products we both recommend and respect. Because their products are of such quality, they provide a nine-year guarantee. This means you can look forward to enjoying your new lawn for years to come, without the worries or costs of a quick replacement.

Customer Reviews

"We can't recommend James and his team more highly, if you are looking for a quality job completed by efficient and hard working individuals. We won't hesitate to use them again - thank you 😊"


"Great job done, full garden, slabs and artificial grass, planters and some fencing at a very competitive price. Would defo recommend and have gave your card to some work colleagues. Cheers James and Marco!"


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